Holistic spanking therapy for health, healing and happiness.

Spanking for Wellness

What our clients have to say about our services...

We are so honored by the kind words our clients share with us after their sessions.  It helps us to know that our work is truly important to those with whom it resonates.  So when prospective clients are wondering if a spanking and massage session is a good fit for them, a great place to start would be to hear the words of some satisfied clients and go from there.

"I have been thinking about the session a lot.  I would love to see you again on your next trip.  I really got a lot out of the session- thank you very much."
"I would like to thank you for the session that you provided- it was very relaxing. I never would have thought I would think a spanking would be relaxing. Let me know what your schedule is so I can set up future sessions. Thanks yet again."
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!  I'm a writer. And yet, I can hardly express how wonderful, how transformative, how soft, how trustworthy, how healing our session was today. I just really appreciated it.  And I appreciated you. Thank you, again. I would like to become a repeat client of yours!"

"I just wanted to say thanks. The experience made me feel very peaceful and tranquil.  It was wonderful not to be in control for an hour and I thought your whole approach and manner were sensitive and considerate.  Thanks for the insights, and the simple mantra.  I hope we will meet again."

"I want to express how nice and wonderful it was meeting you today.  The conversation, your insights and of course the spanking were great.  So I do not forget, I meant to tell you that at one point when you were touching and healing with one hand and had your other hand in the middle of my back I really felt it connecting and a kind of a transfer of energy.  Never felt that before.  I truly enjoyed our connection and look forward to exploring in the future."

"My spanking and massage were, in a word, marvelous. Thank you again for taking such excellent care of me. I've found myself thinking about that afternoon as I drift off to sleep most nights.  It was exhilarating, liberating, refreshing and sensual -- all at once.  As I changed, my stomach was filled with butterflies. I wasn't nervous so much as I was excited and anxious.  Once the spanking commenced, I felt much more at ease. My muscles relaxed. The tension in my body faded. The combination of being rubbed and touched on my back, neck and head as you spanked me definitely helped bring about that sense of tranquility."

"So, it was great seeing you on Tuesday. Thank you again SO MUCH for my spanking and counseling. It's great being able to talk to someone about things I am more accustomed to keeping to myself. And as for the spanking and massage, well, both were positively spellbinding. I really think I went into some sort of trance... It was sort of fun to flashback to being over your lap all week. The bottom line is that I truly enjoy our time together, and want to work toward making the experience that much more special. As always, your thoughts and guidance are sincerely appreciated."

"I especially enjoyed the more intense swats you delivered. They felt the most therapeutic, and I look forward to more of that next time.  And our deep breathing at the conclusion was the perfect way to come down from such an emotion experience. Coming off your lap I did not feel embarrassed in your presence.  I never felt like you were judging me.  OK, now that massage was truly magical. Again, my sincere thanks for working with me. I'm already eager for our next appointment."

"As I expressed immediately after one of our sessions, you provide exactly what I have been looking and hoping to experience for such a long time.  I can't recall when I've felt as relaxed and at peace.  I'm sure you understand how amazing it is to have a safe environment in which to act out my life-long need to be spanked and to share it without judgment or shame."

Our hearts are warmed by our clients' sharing of their experiences and we continue to be committed to meet their individual needs at the highest level of excellence in our own unique way.