Holistic spanking therapy for health, healing and happiness.

Spanking for Wellness

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Individual Sessions-

There are many of us for whom spanking is the most effective way to work with stress, difficult emotions and other challenges in our lives. Although spanking is often associated with sex, it can also play an important role in our happiness and healing that goes much deeper.

We offer active listening and support, spanking and massage in a caring, safe and non-sexual manner for those who find it helpful for their growth and well being. We have experience in using spanking for stress reduction/relaxation and releasing blocked emotions as well as changing negative behavior patterns that the client wishes to transform.  Our specialty is introducing those who are new to the idea and experience of spanking within a healthy and balanced energetic context. We also work with couples to help them learn how to use spanking safely and effectively as part of a loving relationship.

All sessions are conducted in a non-sexual atmosphere.  To schedule a session or for more information please contact Rev. Fisher by email from our Contact Us page.

Group Workshops:

We offer workshops to groups who are focused on spiritual exploration, tantra, sexuality, personal growth, energetic awareness and healing modalities, and mind/body connection.  Our basic "Spanking for Health, Healing and Happiness" is an excellent introduction to the basic history, benefits and techniques of our practice of "Positive Spanking."  To book one of our workshops for your group, contact Rev. Fisher for more information.  Please see our schedule page for details on past and upcoming workshops. 

Spanking Support Group:

Monthly spanking support group sessions are available now in person in the DC area for established clients, and/or by phone and Skype for those who are out of the area or new to the practice.  The group is for those who would like the support of others around their interests, needs, background and practices in spanking.  Facilitated by Spanking for Wellness practitioners, it is a place to learn and grow, and to be understood and to understand- to speak your truth, and hear others'- to ask questions, and get answers.  Deep listening, meditation, and guided imagery and other useful practices may also be shared in the context of the group work as well.  There will be no actual spanking in group therapy.  Email Rev. Fisher with your interest and questions.  The cost is $15. See our schedule page for more details and upcoming group dates as they are scheduled.

Private Workshops:

For those who prefer more personal attention or would like the benefit of a flexible workshop or session schedule, private workshops and counseling or coaching sessions with groups, couples and individuals are available in person or via Skype on an ongoing basis. Contact us for more information about scheduling and rates. 

Professional Development:

We also offer workshops to professional bodyworkers, sex therapists, tantra practitioners and energetic healers who would like to learn to use this modality to integrate into their current session work for the benefit of their clients.  Contact Rev. Fisher for more information or to book a private or group workshop.  A SFW Therapist Certification program is available for practitioners who would like to use this modality as an associate and satellite practice.

Skype Sessions:

We are happy to offer Skype sessions to our clients at Spanking for Wellness.  So often people from across the country (and across the world) wish that they could see us in person but they are just too far away for that to be practical on a weekly basis.  In the past few months we have incorporated personalized long distance session work to help meet our clients' needs.  We offer counseling and coaching sessions to individuals and couples who would like to talk about their spanking needs and concerns, or learn about this modality as a way to foster connection with their partners. 

We also combine long distance session work with "session intensives" for those who would like to explore the counseling portion first until they can come to meet us locally and stay in the area for consecutive "retreat" type sessions.  We are also happy to offer our workshops for various membership groups via Skype as well.  Please feel free to contact Rev. Fisher if you have any questions or would like to book Skype sessions for you or your group.  Skype sessions are $75 for a 50 minute session. 

Why Come See Us?

Some clients who write to us are just plain curious about why people may wish to experience a private one-on-one session with Rev. Fisher. There are many reasons why people come to visit us, but here are the most popular ones.

Some clients enjoy spanking as a method of stress relief from the many responsibilities and stresses of their daily lives from work, family and community obligations.  Some have always dreamed of experiencing a sensual situation that they have never experienced in their regular relationships and want to do it within a safe, loving, sensitive and non-sexual container where they can relax into the experience and just enjoy.  Some come because they have issues and challenges in their lives which they wish to work through using spanking as a method of healing.  Some find that being spanked offers them the opportunity to release difficult emotions and use it as a form of therapy and healing.  And some just want to experience the care and attention that our particular practice offers with deep listening, lots of loving massage, and special attention to the intensity needs of the client. 

Whatever the reason, we are committed to helping our clients meet their needs through this modality in a professional, energetically clean and loving way.  If you have questions, would like to share why you enjoy getting a healthy spanking or wish to book, feel free to contact us on our contact page.

A Word About "Discipline and Punishment"

Many clients have come to us requesting what they consider to be "disciplinary" or "punishment" spankings and want to know if we can meet their expectations in this way.

It is true that the physical intensity of the spankings we give in our sessions can range from moderate to very intense depending on each client's particular needs... but the philosophy of our approach may be different from what many people expect.  Our philosophy is geared towards helping our clients view themselves and their needs positively and using spanking as a vehicle for healing, personal growth and self discovery.  We do not use spanking as a form of punishment, abuse, control or domination, nor do we reinforce negative self image in our clients by helping them act out the kind of old mental scripts that may cause them to mistakenly believe they are somehow unworthy as people and deserving of punishment.  We believe that if you really wish to make positive changes in your life you can only make them through self love and not self degradation.  When appropriate we can provide clients with an intense spanking that will help them release the guilt, shame or regret they may be holding around difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. 

People are often drawn to spanking because there is something within themselves that they are trying to heal and spanking is the modality that helps them most directly access difficult or blocked emotions. We spank our clients with love, awareness and great care in an effort to bring them closer to wholeness and healing. This is the approach we use in our sessions and we have found it to be helpful for every client no matter what their expectations may have been.

So the answer to the initial question is both yes and no. Depending on your needs, the spanking that you experience during a session may be as physically intense as what you might call a "punishment" spanking but the difference is that it will be given with love, care and respect. This is our practice and it is what makes us unique as well as effective.

*We have a strict no-refund policy, however spanking sessions may be traded for counseling, Reiki, support group or workshop sessions as well.  All sessions must be used by a year past purchase date.