Spanking for Wellness
    Transformational spanking therapy for health, healing and happiness.
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Who We Are
Rev. Fischer received her seminary and spiritual counseling training at The New Seminary Interfaith Minister Training Program, and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary of NYC where she was ordained in 2007.   She is a Spiritual Counselor, Relationship Coach, Liturgical Singer, Reiki Master, Intuitive Empath, Energetic Healer, and a Sensual Shaman, utilizing sensual (present embodied) energy for the healing of geographic locations, people, and animals.  She has been facilitating spiritual exploration for adults and children for over 20 years through her educational, meditation, and womens' spiritual support groups. As a sacred sexuality practitioner she is committed to helping expand people's awareness of the powerful therapeutic benefits and joys of spanking.
Steve Karuna Maitri, an ordained Interfaith Minister, has been a Zen Buddhist practitioner and meditation teacher in the Washington, DC area for fifteen years. In his practice, he combines mindfulness meditation, deep listening, spanking and massage to help his clients transform their lives and move forward on the path towards being whole. He has worked with clients to relieve stress, release blocked emotions and change negative behavior patterns. He also works with couples to understand how spanking can deepen and transform their loving relationships.
Together Rev. Fischer and Steve have presented their innovative and exciting workshops privately for practitioners of sacred sexuality, to couples and individuals wishing to learn this practice to enhance their own relationships, and at group events such as the Sacred Sexuality Round Up in NYC, the DC/MD area Sandbox Explorations group, TES in NYC, and The Fires of Venus Sacred Sexuality Fire Circle Retreat.
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