Holistic spanking therapy for health, healing and happiness.

Spanking for Wellness

Some words about women and spanking for wellness...

When we began our Spanking for Wellness practice six years ago, we tried to visualize the people who would benefit from our approach.  Who would our clients be?  How would we be able to help them heal and meet their needs in alignment with our beliefs and values?  How could we communicate about what we offer in a world that may not understand our practice yet?  We knew there were many people out there, both male and female, who felt drawn to spanking, but how do their needs differ?  In asking this question, it became clear almost immediately that there were some very profound ways in which our practice could benefit women in particular.
One of the most important things we are able to offer women through our practice is a safe place for them to explore spanking.  Safety is an issue for both sexes, but women have to deal with it on a daily basis in a way that men rarely do.  Add an intimate act like spanking to the equation and this concern is magnified tenfold.  Women are often reluctant to seek out spanking experiences for concerns of safety, and who can blame them?   We knew that everyone, especially women, need to have a space where this need can be met and they feel safe, understood and cared for- a place to experience spanking without having to deal with the unwanted advances or agendas of others, without the pressure of being sexualized or manipulated into a type of relationship that they really don't want,  and without having to deal with the unfortunate creepiness that often comes with this territory.
Can you imagine if we had to go through this same type of obstacle course of emails, online sites, and discreet groups to get a therapeutic massage?  Few people would ever get them!  Luckily, we can find any number of reputable establishments and easily schedule an appointment with a professional massage therapist without this kind of negotiation.  We think spanking should be just as available to everyone who can benefit from it.  In the loving, professional and non sexual environment that we provide, clients can relax into the spanking experience and reap the healing and wellness benefits that come from our approach.  At Spanking for Wellness, we provide a safe environment that is beneficial to everyone...but our female clients let us know how important this is to them in particular.
Over the past few years, people have requested sessions with us for many different reasons.  Some wish to work with specific emotional issues through spanking and some just come because they're drawn to it and wish to have this experience even if they're not exactly sure why.  Regardless of the reasons they come, our clients all report experiencing similar benefits from the work we do.  Many have told us they feel a deep sense of happiness and well being that can last for days after our spanking sessions.  This supports recent research suggesting that spanking can be an effective tool in relieving anxiety and working with depression. This effect may be caused by the physical release of dopamine and endorphins into the system during and after a spanking.  These neurotransmitters stimulate the pleasure centers of our brains and can make us feel very happy and satisfied.  This process can be especially useful to women because it can work to counteract the hormonal shifts and imbalances that frequently occur in adulthood.  Women's bodies are subject to the hormonal ebb and flow of the monthly cycle as well as surges during pregnancy, menopause and peri-menopause.  Spanking can be an effective means of regulating mood during these shifts and our female clients often attest to this.  It can lead to a dramatic reduction in irritability and crankiness and help foster a feeling of happiness and well being during those very emotional times.
Of course, there are many ways that both male and female clients benefit from their sessions with us.  We offer deep listening- a place to talk through the issues they are facing and come to some understanding about the role that spanking plays in their lives.  We offer our clients our warmth, support and unconditional positive regard.  We also give our clients, both male and female, something that is too often missing in their lives... touch.  This is necessary for so many of us to feel cared for and our clients experience it during their sessions in many ways; a hand to hold when they need to know someone is there, a warm lap to be held in during a spanking, massage and reassuring touch during and after a spanking, a loving hug when it is needed.  Being able to experience caring touch in a non sexual manner is so helpful to those we work with and our clients tell us how much they appreciate this gift we give them.
At Spanking for Wellness, our practice is designed to offer our clients the holistic support they need to feel whole and complete.  We offer a service that is unique and, to our knowledge, not available anywhere else.  For more information or to schedule an appointment please see our contact page.